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Administration and Operations

  • Provide a fully equipped office.
  • Provide headquarter address.
  • Telephone answering services.
  • Maintain an inventory of printed materials.
  • Maintain files.
  • Order Supplies.
  • Provide storage space for materials needed to carry out activities.
  • Back-up weekly
  • Provide three databases:
    • Events
    • Membership
    • Receivables – track all incoming funds via check number, credit card number, confirmationnumber


  • Maintain complete membershipdatabases.including data input, dataaccuracy edits, data back-ups, etc.
  • Manage Membership registrations via fax, phone, website, email.
  • Contact members to confirm correct
  • Provide Customer Service to manage membership inquiries.
  • Mail, Email all invoices, renewal notices and follow-up letters to collect membership dues.
  • Process credit card payment.
  • Deposit all funds collected.
  • Prepare and distribute member cards to all current members.
  • Maintain an off-site back-up of membership database.
  • Enter new member information into the database.
  • Post, edit and all/any job postings.
  • Provide receipts for all members.

Financial Management

  • Accept all moneys sent to headquarters in payment of dues, event admissions, sponsorships, and in payment of other invoices issued.
  • Record such receipts in books of account
  • Deposit all funds received in the bank account
  • Reconcile the bank statements on a monthly basis.
  • Accept all moneys collected on-site at specified event
  • Record such receipts in books of account
  • Balance receipts
  • Process all credit card payments.
  • Follow up on all declined credit card receipts to secure full payment.
  • Prepare one profit & loss report per event
  • Prepare yearly budget
  • Prepare and mail, Email annual renewal dues invoices and invoices for new members joining during the year.
  • Provide budget preparation forms to Committee Chairs to assist with annual budget preparation.
  • Prepare checks in payment of all bills.
  • Bills are paid in a timely manner and are approved by the treasurer.
  • Maintain a dual signature checking account.
  • Filing all the Association's yearly tax forms.
  • Perform all of the filings required by the government including tax and audit filings yearly.
  • Maintain good standing with the state yearly
  • Maintain BOD insurance.

Event Management

  • Evaluate potential properties.
  • Negotiate contracts with selected meeting facilities.
  • Manage all pre-site and on-site arrangements.
  • Prepare event budget
  • Prepare event financial reports
  • Prepare will call tickets
  • Manage all:
    • Registration lists
    • Speaker Bios
    • Table Cards
    • Speaker Cards
    • Question cards
    • Membership List
    • Seating Chart
    • Receipts
    • Process Credit Cards
    • Deposit all funds collected
    • Mail promotional materials
    • Mail event tickets
    • Secure volunteers
  • Review registrations and submit attendance guarantees to facility.
  • Review registration forms/cards
  • Mail, Email all registration forms/cards
  • Arrange for Transport of Registration Supplies to Site and Return.
  • Work with events and marketing team to post event information, releases, logos, etc.
  • Coordinate speaker gifts - when applicable
  • Coordinate sponsor collateral and material for events
  • Work with venue contracts and updates on event status
  • Register all attendees
  • Process payment
  • Provide receipts
  • Set up registration link
  • Provide onsite staff
    • Set-up
    • Registration
    • Will Call
    • Wristbands
    • Name Badges


  • Invoice Sponsors and follow up when necessary.
  • Obtain sponsor logo for the website, invite and signage.
  • Retrieve sponsor names for complementary tickets - when applicable.
  • Enter sponsor guests into database
  • Process payment
  • Arrangements for receiving and returning sponsorship collateral
  • Follow up on receivables

Board of Directors

  • Send out board meeting reminders
  • Provide catering
  • Create agenda
  • Provide monthly membership report
  • Provide monthly attendance
  • Provide monthly minutes
  • Provide event financial reports
  • Provide monthly cash flow report
  • Provide monthly register summary
  • Provide receivables


  • Proof newsletter
  • invoice ads
  • Send newsletter to members


From Cary Goss, President
Chicago Interactive Marketing Association

"As our executive director, Sarah not only produces and manages all of the events from planning to completion, but also is trusted with our bookkeeping, membership renewals, contract management and renewals, and day-to-day operations of the association...I have yet to find a more organized, hardworking person."

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